PHP Website Development

PHP Website Development

PHP is a fast and innovative open source scripting language used to develop Web Applications or Internet / Intranet Applications. MySQL is an open source database server built based on a relational database management system (RDBMS) and capable of handling a large compatible database connection. When it combined together, PHP and MySQL developers can build very powerful and scalable Web / Internet / Intranet Applications. PHP and MySQL are referred to as development tools.


PHP and MySQL are Open Sources, meaning that they are free development tools, and there are a large community volunteer programmers who contribute to making improvements and continuously adding features to it. The development tools and database servers require licensing costs that have limited programming resources compared to open source development tools. It has an excessive and fast growing focused and knowledgeable community that extends around the world. There has been disagreement about which tool is better. Naturally, the developer who is more familiar with one tool over the other will stand behind the tool that he or she has experience with. With our experience, we have found that PHP and MySQL are the best development tools. When developed correctly, applications can be built with clean and simple usability, complex functionality, speed, power, and scalability. No matter how good the development tools are that you are developing with if the application is not developed correctly.

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PHP and MySQL are built so that anyone with a minimum amount of programming knowledge can put together a browser-based web application. This easy entry to PHP development can also create problems when an inexperienced programmer takes on a large Web Application project and does not consider security implications, scalability and the SQL execution time.